Meadow Vale Expansion Project


Update ~ April 2014

The end is almost in sight! We are now at the ‘snagging’ stage and still working hard to ensure that every aspect of the building work has been completed to a high standard. Being completely honest I have to admit that this final phase has been extremely challenging and placed considerable extra work on the school. The local authority is currently discussing the possibility of additional works being completed such as resurfacing the key stage 2 playground, resurfacing the front car park, adding additional ventilation in three key stage 2 teaching rooms and improving security lighting in the staff car park. Whilst it is very frustrating that these works have not been included in the original plans we are very much hoping that some, if not all, will be completed as soon as is feasible. The good news is that our contractor has refurbished all key stage 2 toilets and they are now fresh, hygienic and welcoming for the children to use.

Following a significant amount of time with builders on our school site we are now in possession of some impressive new facilities including:

  • 5 new teaching classrooms – one of which we will be converting to be a dedicated ‘nurture’ room to support vulnerable children
  • 1 new library – which is currently a small group literacy support room while we continue to use our existing library
  • 2 small group teaching rooms dedicated to supporting more able maths groups
  • Wireless network access across the whole school which will support the implementation of the new primary computing curriculum in September 2014
  • Redesigned front reception office and reception area
  • Additional cycle and scooter storage
  • The school has also completely refurbished boys and girls key stage 2 toilets


Over the next few weeks we will be improving signage around the school site and seeking the children’s views on how to further improve outdoor play resources. The gardening club will also be busy planting shrubs and bushes in various areas to enhance the environment in general.


Nigel Duncan - Headteacher

 Please use the comments section at the foot of this page to leave your comments or ask any questions relating to the project.  Your questions will be answered in subsequent updates.  



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