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Year 6: Bude - More great activities today...

Year 6 in Bude: Update Tuesday 25th June 6.30pm. 

More photos have just come through from Bude. CLICK HERE to take a look at the albums in our Gallery.

Day two here in Bude and the children have adapted to the routines nicely. We are third sitting for meals so it's ears open for three bells at meal times and one bell for activities.

Hopefully you have been keeping up to date with the school website and twitter page for some photos. They have boarded, climbed, canoed, swam, caved and rowed. 

We've had the occasional napper in between activities as the busy couple of days begins to catch up with us. Most settled fairly quickly last night amidst the excitement but we're expecting them to be well-ready for their beds by bed-time tonight. And that's just the teachers!

The basketball and football pitches are very busy between activities as they make the most of some freedom in their spare time. Some have taken a liking to the games room with a few competitive games of pool taking place today. Others prefer to just go in and out of each others rooms for a chat and a catch up. We've had more costume changes than a night at the Oscars.

The children seem to be enjoying the food, there's plenty of it and it's much needed when you're using so much energy. A cooked breakfast this morning was a particular hit. A hint of drama when a teacher, who won't be named, nearly had the whole place evacuated for a mishap with a toaster.. But we won't say any more about that! 

The children are loving it which is the most important thing. Trying new things, challenging themselves, working as a team and most importantly, smiling throughout! 

More pictures on the website and twitter to follow. Parents, we hope you're enjoying the peace at home. 😊

Here are  couple of short video clips too...