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Year 6: Bude - Wednesday evening update...

Here's the latest diary entry from Bude...  there are plenty of photos in the Gallery (News & Events)

Update: Wednesday 26th June, 8.30pm:  

Another action packed day begins to wind down here in Bude. The sun is still shining and there's some more freckles and rosy cheeks than there were before. Constant reminders about suncream are par for the course.

The 5-a-side competition is underway which has sparked much excitement and anticipation among quite a large number of the group. The others are taking part in the talent show or just enjoying their free time in the sun. 

Many of the children got their second installment of money this morning from the bank of Mrs Jenkins. Some have invested, saved or shared wisely. Some had spent it all after 5 minutes and this was before breakfast!

They are still loving the excitement of the activities as we work through the week. Everyone has got involved and overcome various fears and challenges. 

Points are awarded by the tutors for cleanliness in rooms and add to a running total across the week. Some groups are storming ahead with big totals and immaculate bedrooms. Others, not so much. I'll leave you to decide which category your little cherubs fall into! 

There was significantly less activity this morning when the bells went off and we anticipate the same tomorrow morning. It's been a long day here, full of action and some will be pleased to hit the hay shortly.

Tomorrow is the last full day, believe it or not, so it won't be long until you get the full rundown of the week. Until then, rest assured they're having a great time! 

Over and out.