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Hooke Court News (Yr 5 Residential)

Here is an update from Hooke Court where Year 5 are on their residential trip............

Update: Monday 19th February, 21.50:

We have finally settled for the night!

After a fairly pleasant and uneventful journey down, we arrived at Hooke Court! What's the first thing you do when you visit a new place? Take in the scenic surroundings? Gaze at the magnificent architecture? Be dazzled by the wonderful wildlife? Well, you can only enjoy those things when you are well fed, so sandwiches it is! After a hearty lunch, we met our instructors and went off for our first activity - den building! Some wonderful creations were made, with fireplaces, seating areas, a weapons room (because you need that as a Saxon) and an ingenious use of a "carrot peeler". Standout team names included the Terrible Tigers and, a personal favourite, the Anglo Saxophones!

After our activity, we had a brief few moments to make our beds. Well, 'make' is ambitious...Get wrapped up in, climb inside, struggle with, and generally be completely bemused by the fact that a duvet would not fit inside a pillowcase! But, we are Meadow Vale, and we don't stop till the job's done (or dinner is served at least)!

Dinner: spag bol, veggie bol, garlic bread, salad, ample crumble, custard, fruit! Delicioso!

But the fun doesn't stop there! It was then outside for a couple of team building activities. The adults won the  get across the River Piddle (don't laugh, it's an actual river) challenge, but the children fought valiantly and were mightily impressive at transferring an anemonite fossil through the air using drainpipes and their brains!

After all that fresh air and fun, we adjourned to our respective drawing rooms to enjoy a hot chocolate and discuss the days activities, world events and sports. Pyjamas on, heads on pillows and time for sleep....

An early start awaits us all.

Love to all and we'll speak to you soon xxx