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Sport Relief Walk: Victory is Sweet!

Wow! What an incredible achievement for our Sport Relief heroes..........

When Mr Tatum and Mr Whiddett decided to take on an epic 24 hour sponsored walk for Sport Relief, they invited the whole school to join them for the last part of their valiant journey!  Their task began at 3.15pm on Thursday 15th March when they left the school playground, together with their friend Shane, heading for the A30/A308 …… to make their way on foot to Twickenham!

The weather was kind to them, thankfully, and they journeyed on throughout the night with the help of meals on-the-go, water, the odd chocolate bar and lots of encouragement from family and friends who kept in touch with their regular updates and selfies!  Mr Collin even greeted them on their arrival in Twickenham with some welcome sandwiches and refreshments!  A rather difficult period for them all came at around 2-3.00am and brought about the departure of friend Shane, whose feet could withstand no more and, sadly, he was forced to retire. Mr Tatum and Mr Whiddett soldiered on arriving back at school with 18 hours walking under their belt already…….. only 6 hours to go!!

The classes joined them on the playground in stages to continue the sponsored walk; Reception were ready bright and early and were the first to join Mr Tatum and Mr Whiddett, setting off at 9.15am on the marked route around the school grounds. They did a great job, walking continuously for half an hour and they were soon followed by Lower School who completed many, many laps with the intrepid duo, offering words of encouragement in the sunshine.  Upper School joined in the fun later in the morning and continued up until lunchtime when a rain shower descended upon us; perfect timing for upper school to head in for lunch while our courageous couple kept up the pace and were joined by Mrs Tatum bringing a welcome lunch to Mr Tatum who ate and walked at the same time!  The rain soon passed, lunchtime was over … only 2 hours to go!! The sun came back out and upper school children headed back out to join them for the final laps.  The pace may have slowed but the enthusiasm from everyone was amazing.  Those last couple of hours must have seemed like an age but determination and perseverance prevailed and soon the end was in sight.  The playgrounds were lined with children eager to ‘high five’ the victorious pair who were then joined again by Shane who had returned to watch the final countdown.  He managed to endure the final couple of laps alongside Mr Tatum and Mr Whiddett, to rapturous applause and chants from all of the children. This was it…….. the bell rang at 3.15pm – THEY’D DONE IT!! The crowds of children rushed to congratulate them, there were hugs all round, 3 cheers for the guys and the ultimate prize – a doughnut each! Absolutely awesome!!