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4. Thursday 2nd July

Today's lesson is ‘Telling the time to 5 minutes’.

The different tasks are in the order that they need to be completed in. 

1. Daily Arithmetic Challenge

2. Video Link – Lesson 4 Telling the time to 5 minutes

3. Activity Sheet - Questions

4. Activity Sheet - Answers

5. Task 1 – The new aspect to ‘Telling the time to 5 minutes’ in year 3 is that is incorporates Roman Numerals. Some of these questions will use these on the clocks. Use the ‘Help Sheet’ to guide you with this, but if you feel it is a little tricky, then please leave these questions as Roman Numerals will be covered in Year 4.😊

6. Task 2 – Let’s have some fun with games! 😊

Feel free to have the ‘Help Sheet’ out in front of you so that you can refer to it when completing work.

Remember, do as much or as little as you feel…it is your learning!