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Final 3 days...

So it is your final 3 days as a year 6 at Meadow Vale!  Here's what we have in store for you...


On the tabs to the right are the secondary school transition activities for this week.  Have a look and decide which activities will benefit you most and support your transition to secondary school.  There are some great ideas on there such as:

- creating a poster about top tips when making new friends

- researching your new school online so that you can look through their gallery of photos and identify some of the teachers who may be working with you in September

- thinking about your support network, family and friends, who are going to be invaluable as you begin this exciting new chapter

Theme Park Project

You are going to create your very own theme park.  You will:

- design and create your theme park whilst sticking to a budget

- advertise your theme park to your target audience

- decide on the running costs of your theme park and allocate money to different areas

In the tabs on the right are the resources you will need for the first 3 lessons.  There are 2 extra lessons which we have included if you would like to carry the project through to completion.  These will look at:

- creating a pricing structure for your theme park

- design a marketing campaign to increase the number of visitors to the theme park

Remember to have fun and be creative with your ideas!