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Final Three Days...

For the final three days of the academic year, we would like you to complete the following tasks:

OPTION 1: Escape Room Challenges (folder on the right).  Do you know what escape rooms are? You need to be calm under pressure, think clearly and carefully and solve some problems. You will need to be at your best to answer some English, maths and SPaG questions, which will help you crack the codes needed to escape the room! 

OPTION 2: Complete the 'All About Me' poster below (or maybe design you own example) for your Year 6 teacher. It will be nice for them to get to know you as a person!  Or you could try the 'Personal Shield' and design your own coat of arms with information about you written on it.  There's also a booklet called 'For My New Teacher' that gives you more space to write about yourself - you could complete this and bring it back in September.

OPTION 3: Can you design your own holiday advert?  Are any of you lucky enough to be going away?  Or perhaps you could think of somewhere you have been before of would love to visit one day!  Check out the 'Persuasive Writing' file below and be creative!

OPTION 4: If you didn't complete this as a weekly challenge last week, can you write about your memories from Year 5.  As you can see from the video, we packed a lot in!  You might want to include some lockdown memories from home too.  There's a sheet below to help you (End of the year writing activity sheet) but you can design your own.