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Lesson 2 & 3 - Designing

Now you have decided on the type of game to make, you need to design your board game. You have got 2 lessons to do this as there is a lot to think about!

This board game is based upon WW2. Your first task is to decide whether you are going to make it a general WW2 game, or be a little more specific - maybe a game based on the life of Anne Frank. You could base it on our class reader of Once or Letters From the Lighthouse.  Whatever you choose, remember to remain respectful about the topic.

You also need to think about the elements of the war you would like to include. For example, if you are going to use spaces to move forward or back - or cards which contain positive or negative instructions - what could you use to reflect this. Maybe 'being evacuated' means you move forward two spaces or 'air raid' means moving back?

If your game is going to include cards, such as Monopoly, think carefully about what information these cards will have on them. You may want a pile of 'chance' cards which have certain situations on them resulting in players actions. You may want a 'secret passageway' leading from one area of the board to another. How about a game where you have to collect certain items along the way?

If your game is a simple 'race to the finish game' like Snakes and Ladders, how can you make sure that it interests the players? How will you meet the design brief of being a WW2 board game? Maybe you will have an army to get to the finish rather than just one player?

Your game may be a general knowledge based game in which players have to answer questions in order to progress (think of connect 4 but needing to answer questions before getting the counters to place)!

Use your book to make notes and jot down ideas as you go. When you are happy with the components, you can then start to think what the board itself will look like. Again, use your book to sketch your design. Think about what it will look like to represent WW2 (what colours will you use?) You can also decide whether or not it will be 2D or 3D - some games have structures that need to be built before playing.