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Lesson 3 - Triangles

Wednesday 8th July

For today’s lesson, please follow the instructions below to access the lesson for today which is ‘Triangles’. Please click the link and follow the instructions to navigate to the video which takes you through the lesson.

Scroll down until you see this.  Click on Summer Term – Week 11 (w/c 6th July)

Once you have the drop-down menu of all the lessons included in this week. Scroll down to Lesson 3.


Watch the video and pause it again to do the activity sheet when the video asks to do so. Once completed you can move to the Task 1 and Task 2 set on the website. These tasks are set out in 3 different level of difficulty. The star in the corner of each question states if it is a D being the easiest, moving to E for slightly harder to GD which is generally quite challenging. Please try to complete all of ‘Task 1’ and if you have stamina left have a go at ‘Task 2’ which are reasoning and problem-solving questions.

Please do not feel you have to print the work sheets. Writing the answer to the questions in the exercise book provided is absolutely fine.

Should you require a new exercise book, you can pick one up form the school office during school opening times.

If you have any questions please email