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Lesson 4

Holding back the flood

Using the presentation below, discover why dams are built and what they are used for (links have been attached to the videos the presentation refers to). 

The activity is split into a few parts: First, read through the information in 'Dam Case Studies' on the 3 dams: Aswan, Hoover and Three Gorges. Next, complete the 'Debating Dams' sheets (remember, if you can't print them off, just draw the table in your book) for each dam. Then, using the following questions, think about whether the building of the dam was a good idea. You can write your thoughts into your book.

1.Tell us the main facts about the dam you studied.
2.What are the main benefits of building the dam?
3.What are the main disadvantages?
4.Do you think building the dam was the correct decision in this case?