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Lesson 4

Year 6: Percentages of Amounts

Today's lesson is from the White Rose maths website. Please use the tab to the right which will take you directly to the Year 6 home learning area of the White Rose website.  You will need lesson 4 from summer term, week 6 (w/c 1st June).  The lesson will include a video of how to complete the learning.  The downloadable worksheet and answers are included below.  

In the tabs to the right, we have provided a link to the Nrich website, which we have used in maths lessons in school.  The link will take you to a matching game to extend your learning. The aim of the game is to match pairs of cards. Click on a card in the interactive game to turn it over. Then click on another one. If the two cards match, they will stay face-up. If the two cards do not match, they will return to being face-down. The game ends when all the cards have been matched in pairs.  So, if you would like to challenge yourself further, please take a look.  

If you feel you just need to practise the skill of calculating percentages of amounts then please use the fluency activities and presentation (available in Powerpoint or PDF) below.