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Lesson 5

For today's task, we would like you to complete an arithmetic test from the 'arithmetic' folder.

Once you have completed this, please play 'Times Tables Rock Stars' and get even faster at recalling your times tables!

Or, as something a little bit different, you could try the 'translation' task from the folder below. We are looking at the topic 'position and direction' more next week but we thought this introductory activity might be fun to have a go at. Here is what translation means:

'Translation is a term used to describe a function that moves an object a certain distance. The object is not altered in any other way. It is not rotated, reflected or re-sized. ... In a translation, every point of the object must be moved in the same direction and for the same distance.'

Every Friday, there is a 'Challenge' on the White Rose website in the year 5 home-learning folder. White Rose have teamed up with BBC Bitesize and have created some wonderful online resources there, too!