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Lesson 5 Friday 3rd July

Friday 3rd July

Today’s maths looks a little different…

First, we would like you to spend some time on TTRS practising your times tables. Go on ‘Studio’ and see how many questions you can answer in a minute and then do 5 ‘Soundchecks’ – can you improve the correct answers? It’s so fast!

For the second and longer task we would like you to get practical and make your own table.

So, think of something you can gather some information. This could be asking the people in your family about their which food they would like best (give them maybe 5 options to choose from) or favourite colour (again give them some options to choose from). You first need to make a tally chart to collate the information. Have a look at the example below.

Favourite Food











Now that you have gathered the information, can you make either a pictogram or bar graph to show this information?

Think carefully about the checklist to to make sure you have completed all the information. i.e. Title, Y Axis label, X Axis label and the scales.

When your table is ready, think of questions you could ask about this table? Write them down and answer these.

PS: Why not call some friends and relatives to get more information for your chart. BUT you must have your parent’s/carer’s permission to contact people outside your family.

Challenge: Create a line graph

You could look outside your window and count the cars that go past your house or count the birds you see.


If you have any questions please email