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Maths Resources

New Maths resources will be added each week.

  1. Shape Roadways.PDF File

  2. Comparing quanities In the Town.PPTX File

  3. Activities - Variety to choose from.PPTX File

  4. Tracing Shapes Sheet.PDF File

  5. Dab a Dot Numbers.PDF File

  6. Jungle Counting Sheets.PDF File

  7. Measuring Snakes Actvity.PDF File

  8. Creating Repeating Patterns using Animals.PDF File

  9. Seaside Shape Match.PDF File

  10. Number Formation - Tracing Numbers.PDF File

  11. Under the Sea Subtraction Sheets.PDF File

  12. Under the Sea - Ordering 0-20.PDF File

  13. Read it, Write it, Make it - Number Challenge.PDF File

  14. LIttle Fish - Addition to 20.PDF File

  15. 0-10 Counting Objects - Sea Life Theme.PDF File

  16. Under the Sea Counting Sheet.PDF File

  17. Under the Sea Siz Ordering Activity.PDF File

  18. Superhero Themed Cut-and Stick-Number Ordering Sheets.PDF File

  19. Cartoon numbers 0-20.PPTX File

  20. Cartoon Characters Number Line .PDF File

  21. Superhereos Counting.PDF File

  22. Shapes Around Us.PDF File

  23. Maths Challenge Cards.PDF File

  24. Printable Roadway.PDF File

  25. Roadway Numbers.PDF File

  26. Number Car Park.PDF File

  27. Snakes and Ladders 0-20.PDF File

  28. Pets Number Track 0-10.PDF File

  29. Shape Colour, Trace and Join the Dots.PDF File

  30. Pets Addition to 20.PDF File

  31. Dinosaur Pairs.PDF File

  32. Tyrannosaurus Shapes Dinosaur to create.PDF File

  33. Dinoasuar Matching Activity.PDF File

  34. Shape Pictures to Colour.PDF File

  35. Dinosaur Subtraction Stories.PDF File

  36. 10 Little Dinosaurs Counting Activity.PDF File

  37. Basic Number Cards 0-10 with Counting Dinosaurs.PDF File

  38. Ordering Numbered Dinosaurs.PDF File

  39. Dinosaur Subtraction Sheets.PDF File

  40. Number Formation Writing Strips.PDF File

  41. Let's Measure on the Farm.PDF File

  42. 2D Shape Pictures.PDF File

  43. Counting Matching Puzzle.PDF File

  44. Number Recognition to 10 Activity.PDF File

  45. Farm Counting Sheets.PDF File

  46. 2D Shape Pictures.PDF File

  47. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Sequencing Cards.PDF File

  48. Shape Pictures to Colour.PDF File

  49. Hungry Catapillar Maths Booklet.PDF File

  50. Number Songs and Rhymes.DOC File

  51. Number formation 0-20 Practice Sheets.PDF File

  52. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Circles.PDF File

  53. 0-10 Number Activity Booklet.PDF File