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NatWest MoneySense Workshops: November 2020

Over the last few weeks, our wonderful children enjoyed taking part in a number of different NatWest MoneySense workshops. Each year group had a particular focus.

  • EYFS wore their favourite colour to school and then took part in a maths adventure outside
  • Year 1 learned how to use money efficiently. (This workshop helps pupils learn that there are choices about what to do with money: it can be spent, saved or donated. It also explores the difference between needs and wants.)
  • Year 2 set up their own super smoothie shop. (This workshop introduces pupils to the concepts of enterprise, buying, selling and budgeting in a series of group activities involving setting up a smoothie shop.)
  • Year 3 planned their own party. (This workshop requires pupils to work in groups to put together and present to the rest of the class a fully costed, reasonably priced birthday party for a child.)
  • Year 4 looked at the topic 'save our pennies, save our planet'. (This workshop engages pupils with ways to save money through choosing more environmentally friendly behaviours in the home. Pupils will learn about the benefits of renewable energy and explore daily activities that use a lot of energy.)
  • Year 5 became Fraud Scene Investigators. (This workshop asks students to gather evidence to help a victim of fraud uncover how it happened to them. Students will then work together to design a fraud awareness campaign.)
  • Finally, Year 6 learned how to set up their own mobile phone contract. (This workshop challenges students to work in groups to research and then present to the rest of the class a fully costed mobile phone plan for a mobile of their choice.)

It was fantastic to see children learning about the importance of money. There are some great photos and videos from the workshops, for you to enjoy - click on the links on the right.