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During this period, we hope you continue to enjoy lots of the wonderful story books you have at home. 

We would love to see as many of you as possible logging into Oxford Reading Buddy online, reading the e-books and completing the activities available to you. 

*Some children may notice thier Reading Buddy account is showing a higher level than the reading books they are usually taking home. Due to being unable to benchmark children remotely, anyone due an assessment and actively using Reading Buddies have been put onto the next level to ensure sufficient progress is being made. Many thanks for your understanding.

Still looking for things to do? 

Check out Oxford Owl! The link below provides you to access to lots of wonderful free resources, more books and activities!

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Click here for more free audible stories! 


** More Slime chapters online NOW! **

This week, Mrs Coles is going to read you the story 'Slime' by David Walliams. We have uploaded it for the week as now the grown ups are now back in school. We've labelled each day below! 



  1. Slime Chapter 5.MP3 File

  2. Slime Chapter 6 and 7.MP3 File

  3. Introduction to Slime by David Walliams.MP3 File

  4. Tuesday Chapter 1 Slime.MP3 File

  5. Wednesday Chapter 2 Slime.MP3 File

  6. Thursday Chapter 3 Slime.MP3 File

  7. Friday Chapter 4 Slime.MP3 File

  8. Cyril & Pat.MP3 File

  9. The Way Home for Wolf.MP3 File

  10. The Storm Whale.MP3 File

  11. Tidy By Emily Gravett.MP3 File

  12. Freddie & the Fairy.MP3 File

  13. Jolly Roger - The Final Chapter!.MP3 File

  14. Jolly Roger Part 14.MP3 File

  15. Jolly Roger Part 13.MP3 File

  16. Jolly Roger Part 12.MP3 File

  17. Jolly Roger Part 11.MP3 File

  18. Jolly Roger Part 10.MP3 File

  19. Jolly Roger Part 9.MP3 File

  20. Jolly Roger Part 8.MP3 File

  21. The Invisible String By Patrice Karst.MP3 File

  22. Jolly Roger Part 7.MP3 File

  23. Jolly Roger Part 6.MP3 File

  24. Jolly Roger Part 5.MP3 File

  25. Jolly Roger Part 4.MP3 File

  26. Jolly Roger Part 3.MP3 File

  27. Jolly Roger Part 2.MP3 File

  28. The Jolly Rogers and the Monster's gold Part 1.MP3 File

  29. Twits Part 10 By Roald Dahl.MP3 File

  30. Twits Part 9 By Roald Dahl.MP3 File

  31. Twits Part 8 By Roald Dahl.MP3 File

  32. The story of St George.MP3 File

  33. Twits Part 7 By Roald Dahl.MP3 File

  34. Twits Part 6 By Roald Dahl.MP3 File

  35. Twits Part 5 By Roald Dahl.MP3 File

  36. Twits Part 4 By Roald Dahl.MP3 File

  37. Twits Part 3 By Roald Dahl.MP3 File

  38. Twits Part 2 By Roald Dahl.MP3 File

  39. The Twits Part 1 By Roald Dahl.MP3 File

  40. Minions Read by Mrs Coles.MP3 File

  41. Pirate Stew by Lou Carter and Nikki Dyson ( File

  42. Bat Mouse By Steve Smallman.MP3 File

  43. Clever Polly and the Wolf ( File

  44. Lady Lollypop by Dick King Smith read by Mrs Coles ( File

  45. Ticking Texts Comprehension Cards.DOCX File