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Reading - Comprehension

Comprehension - SBRR

Hi Year 4!
Welcome back to the second half of Summer term. We hope that you all had a fun and relaxing half term and were able to make the most of the glorious sunshine. This term, we will be setting some reading comprehension tasks for you so that you can continue to practise your reading skills. There will be a variety of different texts for you to explore. 
Whilst completing the comprehension tasks, please remember to:
1. Read the text carefully.
2. Ask or check the meaning of new/unfamiliar words.
3. Read the questions carefully to understand what you have been asked.
4. Scan the text for keywords whilst retrieving answers. 
5. Answer in full sentences, where possible. 
6. Check the number of marks allocated to each answer so that you have some idea of how much detail is required. 
7. Just try your best and please do not worry if some questions seem challenging at times. Do what you can.
Happy Reading Year 4!