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W/C 13th July:

Hello! To round up the year, we have made a little Science quiz for you to try! (See the bottom of this page.) The answers will be on a separate document. Good luck! Well done for working so hard this year!

Hi Year 5, well done to those of you that sent in your pictures of your delicious-looking biscuits and other baked treats! This week, we would love to see even more of your pictures and we will do our utmost to reply to each picture that we receive! So, your cooking task for w/c 6th July is to cook dinner! It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just something a little more complicated that putting a pizza in the oven! Happy (and, as always, safe) cooking! Looking forward to seeing your creations!

I (Mrs Withey) can't believe we are at the end of June! Over the next couple of weeks, your Science tasks will involve you carrying out some irreversible changes in the form of cooking and baking! This week, w/c 29th June, we would like you to bake a cake, biscuits or something similar. Remember, as always, to ask an adult before using the cooker or using ingredients from the kitchen! We would love to see some of your tasty creations so please do send pictures to the 'help' email and ask to forward them onto your class teacher. Happy baking, Year 5! 

In the week beginning 22nd June, you will be looking at reversible and irreversible changes. Read through the Powerpoint under the file 'Properties and Changes of Materials'. There is then a sheet for you to complete. It would be great if you could carry out a couple of the experiments at home, like cooking an egg or potato, but this is not essential. REMEMBER PLEASE DO NOT USE A COOKER OR LIGHT A MATCH WITHOUT AN ADULT'S PERMISSION AND SUPERVISION. We want you safe! 

In the week beginning 15th June, we will turn back to the topic 'Properties and changes of materials'. Do you remember learning about solids, liquids and gases a few weeks ago?  You will be using the internet to explore the definitions of some scientific words. Have a look in the folder 'Properties and changes of materials' and you will find a sheet to complete. Good luck!

In the week beginning 8th June, we have another simple experiment for you to try! To make invisible ink, all you need is... lemon juice or milk, a cotton bud stick, a piece of paper and a source of heat. (Remember never to use the stove without an adult's permission and supervision.) Have a look at the link below and good luck!

In the week beginning 1st June, we thought it would be fun (if you have the equipment available) for you to carry out a simple experiment at home!  Below is a link to an experiment to make rock (as in the sweet). You will need to use the stove, so please ask an adult's permission and ask them to supervise you. Good luck!

In the week beginning 18th May, please look in the 'Forces' folder and open the file entitled 'Isaac Newton'. We read a small amount about this incredible scientist a few weeks ago. This week, we will explore his life and his discoveries in more detail. Please read the information about him and answer the questions. Everyone should aim to complete the first six questions and more confident readers should answer as many as they can. Go for it!

In the week beginning 11th May, we are focusing on 'Friction'. Bring out your inner fashion designer by reading through the Powerpoint presentation (in the 'Forces' folder) and then designing some safe toddler shoes which are intended to prevent slipping! Think about how you could create friction, using rough edges and appropriate materials for the soles! Good luck!

In the week beginning 4th May, your task is to carry out the helicopter investigation which can be found under the 'Forces' folder. Think about how you could increase the air resistance and make your helicopter travel more slowly. Good luck!

Week beginning 27th April -  your teachers met for a Zoom meeting this week. We have decided that it is best to 'park' the new topic 'Properties and Changes of Materials' for now. Therefore, we would like to turn our attention back to 'Forces'. Your activity this week is to open the document entitled 'What are forces and magnets?' Please read the first two pages and, in your books, note down five facts that you have read. You could then have a go at the 'Forces Wordsearch'. 

In the week beginning 20th April, please find this week's activities in the folder entitled 'Properties and changes of materials' on the right hand side of your screen.

In the week beginning 23rd March, there is a tab under the 'Animals including humans'  folder with activities to complete.

In the week beginning 30th March, please open the revision folder under 'Animals including humans'. Please complete the activities on 'Life processes' and 'Life Cycles'.