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W/C 11th May - Fair Trade Leaflet

You may not have finished last week's writing, so please feel free to continue this if you want.  If not, have a go at the ideas below.

May 9th was World Fair Trade Day.  We talked a lot about plants and animals when we learnt about Rainforests so some of this information will link with what you have already learnt.

Step 1

Try the reading comprehension in the 'Reading' folder to learn more about what Fair Trade means.

Step 2

Look at the websites below to find out even more information on fair trade.  You could make some notes on the key points you discover.

Step 3

Look at the Fair Trade Recipes below - you could even try and make one if you have all the right ingredients!

Step 4

Create a leaflet of information about Fair Trade.  There are questions to help you on the leaflet template below.

If you have any amazing work you want to share with us, email the 'help' email address and put in the subject YEAR 5.