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W/C 15th June - SPaG revision week

This week we would like you to practise spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Step 1

If you haven't looked at them already, find the spelling words in the separate folder and use some of the strategies in the document below this (KS2 Spelling Challenge Display Posters) to help you learn them.

Step 2

Read through the powerpoint on subordinating conjunctions below.  Use the activities on the powerpoint to practise writing sentences in your book.

Step 3

Use the activity sheet below - completing sentences by writing subordinate clauses. 

REMEMBER: choose a subordinating conjuction to go at the start of your subordinating clause,

e.g. We will go to the fair after we have eaten our lunch together.

Step 4

Do you remember modal verbs?  Read through the powerpoint to remind you what they are!

Now complete one of the tasks (sentences with modal verbs) - one, two or three stars, depending on what you feel comfortable with.