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W/C 1st & 8th June - Book character diary entry

Over the next couple of weeks, we'd like you to write a diary entry.  Some of you may have written one on VE day last month but we'd like to see if you can make improvements to this and write something slightly different this time.  Do you remember when we wrote one at school, as if we were an Anglo-Saxon child?  This time we want you to pretend you are a character from a book you are reading, or perhaps one that you have read in the past.

Step 1

Head over to the 'reading' section and read the Rainforest Calling diary entry then answer the questions provided.

Step 2

Read the powerpoint on fronted adverbials to remind yourself what these are - we have looked at this in school so it should be familiar!  Complete any questions on the powerpoint (like the quiz at the end) in your books.

Step 3

Do remember reading 'Holes'?  We loved that book!  Below are a couple of diary entries linked to that story - have a read through these.  What features can you spot?  Use the list below to help find the features and highlight them in the text - you can add extra features to the list if you want!

Step 4

Plan your diary entry.  Find the book with the character you are going to pretend to be.  Look at the diary entries based on Holes to inspire you.  If you know the story well, you will be able to write about what happens to your character on that day, how they are feeling and the thoughts they have.  Use the template below to plan your diary entry.

Step 5

Finally, write your diary entry!  Don't forget to start with a date and Dear Diary.  Use the checklist you looked at earlier to remind yourself of the features you need to use - make sure there are fronted adverbials as you've looked at those recenrly!  It should be informal, like your character is talking to a friend.  Good luck!