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Week 03 (week beginning 20th April)

This week's topic learning is going to be a little bit different as I am going to set you a challenge. This challenge will be broken up into different parts and it is up to how and when you complete these parts throughout the week. 

The challenge: Design and create packaging for a brand new chocolate bar. 

Part 1 Chocolate was really important to the Maya civilisation. In fact, they even used it as currency!

Have a look at the pictures of chocolate bars below. Create a table of 'likes' and 'dislikes' about the features of the packaging (for example, bright colours, animal pictures, clear ingredients).

Part 2 - What is your chocolate bar going to be called?

Come up with around 3 options and ask people you know to vote for their favourite. Ask them what they prefer about their favourite and what they don't like about the others.

This is known as a 'focus group'. 

Use this information to decide on your final product name. 

Part 3 - Design your own chocolate bar packaging. Label it with the materials and colours you will use. 

Part 4- Create your final chocolate bar packaging. 

This could be a final drawing in your book, sticking materials to a drawing in your book (e.g. foil), or making a 3D creation using items/junk from around your home!

Part 5  - Answer the questions from the evaluation sheet below using full sentences.