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Week 04 (week beginning 27th April)

Monday - Stonehenge is a man-made circle of stones built in Wiltshire during the Neolithic period of the Stone Age (think back to our Stones and Bones topic before Christmas). It took 1,000 years to build! You might remember that stonehenge was (and still is) one of the biggest mysteries as nobody can be completely sure why is was built and what it was used for - although many guesses have been made.

Today I would like you to have a go at building a replica of stonehenge using any objects from around your house. 

To help you, look at the document stonehenge pictures below. This has a picture of stonehenge in real life and a picture of 3C having a go at building a model out of biscuits. 

Please feel free to email us pictures of your efforts so that we can see what masterpieces you have created.

Tuesday - Bonjour! 

Can you remember the other 5 instruments you learnt last term? Use the word bank below to draw and label pictures of the instruments. There is an answer sheet available for you to check your work when you have finished. Take this opportunity to look at the French challenge from before the Easter break - were there any instruments you missed out?

Wednesday- A concept cartoon is a picture where different people say what their ideas are - but they may not all be right. 

I would like you to write a sentence for each of the characters explaining whether their statement is true or false with an explanation (use the word because). There is an answer sheet below to check your work. If doesn't matter if what you have written is not exactly the same as the answers.

Thursday- Choose a window to look out of. You can draw what you can see but you don't have to. Your task today is focussed on 2 other pictures. I'd like you to imagine what you might have seen out of your window 150 years ago and draw that (Would there be cars? What might any houses look like? What might children be playing with outside?). Then, I would like you to imagine what you might see out of your window in 150 years and draw this (How might technology have changed? What might any houses look like? How may people travel?).

Friday- Fire safety is really important. Today we are going to think about a fire escape plan for our homes. I would like you to draw and label a floor plan for where you live and imagine you are in your bedroom. Draw arrows and write sentences to explain how you would leave your house if there was a fire. I have added my example below. I live in a flat so only have one floor - you may need to draw two or three floors separately if you live in a house, as well as staircases between the floors. As a challenge, either create an additional plan for if you were in a different room or if your first exit was blocked.

We have really enjoyed seeing pictures of your learning this week so do feel free to keep sharing them with us.