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Week 04-Beginning 27th April 2020.

All of your daily learning should be uploaded below. If there are any issues, please contact us at!

Monday 27th April - Measuring length.
This week we will be revising the unit of length and perimeter! However, today we will just warm ourselves up by measuring lengths in cm (centimetres) and mm (millimetres).

Below, you will find three different levels of worksheets – mild, spicy and hot. Choose which one you would like to complete today. There is also a challenge for all to complete after.

Tuesday 28th April - Equivalent lengths.
Today, we will be finding equivalent lengths using a variety of methods which you learnt back in the Spring term.

There is a PowerPoint (PDF version) that you can go through to refresh your brains!

Everyone will work from the same sheet. The left-hand side of the sheets focus on finding equivalent lengths using the units of m and cm and the right-hand side of the sheets will focus finding the equivalent lengths using the units of mm and cm. Get through as much of the sheets as you can…there is a lot there, but we do not expect for it all the be completed! However, why not challenge yourself!

Remember: 100cm = 1m

                      1cm = 10mm

Wednesday 29th April - Compare and order lengths.
Today, we will be comparing and ordering lengths.

There are 3 different levels- mild, spicy and hot- choose which one you are going to complete.

For some questions, you may need to use your facts about equivalency.

100cm = 1m.

1cm = 10mm.

Thursday 30th April - adding and subtracting lengths.
For today’s learning, you will be drawing upon your adding and subtracting skills to answer some varied fluency, reasoning and problem-solving questions.

There is a little warm up for you if you would like to remind yourself and practice the formal written methods for adding and subtracting.

There are different levels of questions for you to try- mild, spicy and hot. Mix and match which ones you answer! Again, there are a lot there, so please do not feel you have to do all of them! 😊

Friday 1st May - Dinosaur Perimeter Investigation.
Today, you will be taking part in a perimeter investigation, but first, watch this video to refresh your minds about what perimeter is and how we calculate it.

Then, complete the warm up to consolidate your understanding of perimeter.

Now you are ready to begin your Dinosaur Perimeter Investigation!

Open up the PowerPoint (PDF version) for your instructions.

There are two levels to this activity- an easier level and a harder level- and a challenge for the brave to complete.

Please note that shapes of the enclosures are not to scale, and therefore you do not need to measure the lengths with a ruler. Use the information that has been given to you.