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Week 07- Beginning 18th May 2020

tMonday 18th May - Fraction Chilli Challenge.
Good morning! Today, you will be taking part in a chilli challenge using all your knowledge about fractions.

There are three levels – mild, spicy and hot. How far can you go?

Tuesday 19th May - Multiplication and Division Word Problems.
Good morning, Year 3! Today, you will be using your times tables knowledge to solve some multiplication and division word problems.

Choose as many as you would like to complete. Remember to show your workings  in your books – arrays, bar models, place value counters or formal written methods.

Wednesday 20th May - Strike it out.

Good morning! Today you will be using your adding and subtracting skills to play 'Strike it Out'. Click on the link below for instructions and a video to help you understand how it works!

Play as many rounds as you would could even make it into a competition!

Have fun! 

Thursday 21st May - Adding money.

Good morning! Today, you will be practising your adding skills to really consolidate the formal written method. There are three levels available - mild, spicy, and hot - choose which one you would like to complete today. Don't forget to show your workings out in your books. 

Friday 22nd May - Ordering and comparing numbers.
Good morning! Today you will be using your place value knowledge to order and compare numbers.

For the first activity (the PDF documents below), you will be putting numbers in order from smallest to largest. There is an easier and a more difficult version of this activity, so you can choose which one you would like to complete.

For the next activity, click on the following link

This is a game which requires you to compare numbers using the following symbols; <, >, =. You can select the amount of time you would like to answer the questions; either 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes or 10 minutes.

Have a lovely half term!