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Week 01 (week beginning 23rd March)

Please find a link to the right with some websites which could make a good starting point for facts about the Maya civilisation. I will continue to add to these. You can continue to ask for any support required using the email 

Monday  - Using the knowledge organiser (From Bean to Bar) below to help you, make a poster or information page containing what you can remember about the Maya civilisation. Think about things such as their diet, Gods, schools, houses, sports and how their society is set up (rulers, peasants, merchants etc). 

Some key facts to get you started: 

  • the Maya diet was mostly made up of maize (75%) - in fact, they even had a god dedicated to this food. 
  • only noble children went to school. All Maya children learnt the trade of their parents. The could not move to a different job or position in society. 
  • the main sport was called 'pok-a-tok'. There weren't many rules and if your team lost, they were often used as sacrifices to the gods. 
  • each Maya city had its own ruler. The most famous was known as Pakal the Great. 
  • being a warrior was the only job which people could come from any level of society to do. 
  • the Maya created a number system which is much like our tally system today (dots for the number 1, lines for the number 5 and a shape like a rugby ball for 0).
  • they also had a system for writing using 'glyphs' where pictures represented words - much like the Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Tuesday  - Write a paragraph to answer the following question - if you could, would you like to have lived during the ancient Maya civilisation?  Give reasons for your opinions. 

For example - I would not have liked to have lived during this time because I want a different job to my parents. Additionally, I would miss some of the foods in our diet such as pizza and chips. However, I like the idea of using chocolate as money. 

You can argue for or against living in the Maya times as long as you provide reasons for your opinions!

Wednesday - Time for some art! Choose at least 2 activities from the art skills document below to have a go at in your books. Make sure you use subheadings so we know which one you are having a go at!

This is your time to be as creative as possible. 'take a pencil for a walk' means to randomly let your pencil move across the page. You could even do this with your eyes shut if you want to. Then fill in the shapes you have made using the tips provided on the sheet. 

Thursday - Time for some science! Open the light and shadows document below. There are 2 tasks to have a go at. The first is to copy and complete the given sentences (there is a word bank to help you), the second requires you to copy the table and sort the objects. If you want a challenge, add some of your own objects from around the house onto the table when you have finished! 

  • Opaque means that no light can go through the object (you cannot see through it at all)
  • Translucent means that some light will travel through the object but the things on the other side will be blurry (such as a bathroom window)
  • Transparent means that all light travels through the object (see-through)

The answers are on the last page - either mark your own in another colour or ask an adult to help you mark. You can correct any you got wrong.

Friday - Lent is a very important part of the Christian calendar. It signifies sacrifice and new beginnings. Open up the document lent questions below. Discuss the answers with an adult or another family member and answer all 4 questions into your exercise book in full sentences.