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Week 1 Beginning 23rd March

Please see the attachments below for each day's English learning:

On Monday, please select and complete the 'just starting out', 'feeling more confident' or 'bring it on'  reading comprehension about the WWII Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. The text, comprehension questions and answers are all contained within one document. 

On Tuesday, you are to plan a narrative piece of writing based on Erika's Story and on Thursday, you are to write your narrative. You will need to download and print off 'Erika's Story Transcript' and 'Writing - Tuesday and Thursday' to complete these tasks. 

On Wednesday, consolidate your understanding of the passive and active voice by working through the PowerPoint and completing 'Passive and Active' activities one and two. 

On Friday, re-read the text 'Working in the Warehouse' in your CGP Year 6 Reading Targeted Question Book (pages 4 and 5). Then, complete 'Question Set 2' on pages 8 and 9 before checking and improving your learning using the answers found on page 58.