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Week 1- commencing 23rd March

Monday 23rd March

Please complete the possessive pronouns worksheet which can be found below. 

Your next task is to choose a fairy tale and re-write it in your own words. Remember to use your Year 4 writing targets!

Tuesday 24th March

Please read the text on earthquakes and then answer the questions. There are three levels of difficulty- 'mild', 'spicy' or 'hot'. You can choose which level you want to do. The text and answers are in the same document. On the last page of the document are the answers which either you or an adult can use once you are done to mark your answers. 

Wednesday 25th March

Over the last two weeks in English, you have been learning about plastic pollution in oceans and last week, you wrote a story about plastic pollution from a marine animal's point of view. Below, there is a story about plastic pollution from the point of view of Sammy, a turtle, who is saved by a young girl.

Today, you are going to plan a story from the young girl's point of view and tomorrow (Thursday), you are going to write your story. Make sure that you read the story carefully as what the young girl does in your story needs to match what happens in the story you were given. For example, in the story given to you, the young girl cuts Sammy free with scissors so in your story, the girl needs to do the same thing. 

You are going to plan three paragraphs for your story. Below is a plan for you to complete. You can either print out the plan and fill it in or draw it into your books and then complete it. Remember the more detail you include in the plan, the easier it will be to write your story tomorrow!

Thursday 26th March

Today, you are going to write up the story that you planned yesterday into your book. Remember to include lots of description to paint a picture in the reader's mind. Make sure that you use the Year 4 writing targets (which can be found on the English home learning page) as these are the things that your teacher will be looking for when they read your story. 

Once you have finished your story, make sure that you read through your work to check that no punctuation is missing. 

Friday 27th March

Please go through the expanded noun phrases Powerpoint below. Once you have, there are two worksheets for you to complete.