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Week 10- commencing 15th June

Monday 15th June

Palm oil is a type of oil that is found in a lot of food and products in everyday life. Palm oil comes from trees, which is an issue because thousands of trees in rainforests around the world are being chopped down each year in order to provide us with palm oil for our food. 

For today's task, we would like you to go around your house and investigate which food and products in your household contain palm oil. You will need to look at the ingredients section on the packaging and see whether palm oil is listed as an ingredient or not. Please fill in the palm oil investigation worksheet attached below to show your findings. You don't need to print the worksheet out; you can always just copy the table into your exercise book before filling it in. 

Tuesday 16th June

Today, we would like you to research an animal of your choice and create a fact file about them. You can choose any animal that you would like to research, but you will need to be specific. For example, if you choose to research monkeys, you will need to choose a specific monkey, such as a baboon, as there are many different types of monkeys. Similarly, if you choose to research spiders, choose a specific type of spider to research as there are many different types. 

Below are two examples of a fact file (hedgehogs and mountain chicken frogs). There is also a blank fact file sheet that you may wish to print off and fill in. Alternatively, you could copy the subheadings from the sheet into your exercise book. When researching about your animal, take a look on some zoo websites as they usually have lots of information and facts about animals that you could use in your fact file. Here are some zoo websites which you might like to take a look at:

As well as looking on zoo websites, feel free to look at other websites as well for your research (with adult permission). 

Wednesday 17th June

Today is a PE based task where you will be completing a circuit of exercises. There are three circuits for you to choose from- feeling flexible circuit (improving your flexibility), healthy hearts circuit (getting your blood pumping and heart racing) or super strength circuit (getting your muscles stronger). You can choose which circuit out of the three you would like to do. 

Attached below is a document for each circuit, explaining what exercises you need to do. There is also a video for each circuit, demonstrating how to do each exercise if you are unsure. 

Thursday 18th June

For today's task, you are going to design your own zoo! Take a look at the document below which explains the task. Think carefully about what type of animals you will want in your zoo, what type of habitats they will need (for example, penguins will need water in their habitat) and how big each animal's space will need to be (for example, tigers will need more space than insects). 

It's up to you whether you would like to just draw a map of your zoo and label the different habitats and animals, or if you want, you could make a model of your zoo using play-doh, cardboard boxes, building blocks, lego etc. It is completely up to you! 

As well as designing your zoo, you will see on the second page of the document that you will need to design a ticket for your visitors and decide how much tickets will cost. Also, think about what animal talks might take place at your zoo and at what time (animal talks are when experts speak to visitors about a particular animal). 

Friday 19th June

Today, we would like you to make up and design your own animal. If you are struggling to think of ideas, you can always take two real animals and combine them together. For example, you may design an animal that has the head of an elephant and the body of a horse. Be as inventive as you like! 

You will need to draw a picture of your animal and then underneath, write the following things:

  • The name of your animal
  • What type of habitat does it lives in e.g. a rainforest, underwater, in the mountains etc. 
  • What type of food it eats