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Week 11 (Week beginning 22nd June)

This week we would like you to have a think about your diet - what you eat. 

Have a look through the powerpoint below to remind you of the different food groups and what is in them then complete a food diary each day with what you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks. Try and include which food group they come under. 

You could use the template 'healthy diary' below, a different template or come up with your own layout entirely - it is up to you how you monitor your diet for the week (though I do like the idea of tracking how much water you are drinking as well). 

You could include any recipes as well! I wonder if you could try at least one new food or dish this week?

At the end of the week evaluate how you think you did - what is good about your diet right now? what would you improve about your diet if you were able to?