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Week 11 - Beginning 22nd June

This week, we will be working on properties of shapes. Again, we will be using White Rose Home Learning Area this week. There is also a ‘Help Sheet’ available for each day, consisting of key vocabulary and definitions which you can refer to when completing your work.

For each day there is a new page/tab on the right-hand side. 

Each day looks like this: 

There will be the daily arithmetic warm up sectiona PDF with the video link for that day, the activity sheet which goes with the lesson and then two tasks. Please do not feel overwhelmed by the amount of tasks. Do as much as you feel able to. As always please do not feel that you have to print the activity sheets. Just write your answers in your work book. 

Task 1 and 2 have three different level of difficulty, so choose the one you feel comfortable with. The answers are either at at the end of Task 1 and 2 or attached on a separate document. 

Below is a table showing you which icon to look out for when choosing your level of difficulty: