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Week 13 (week beginning 6th July)

Monday - In this week's art lesson, Emily talks about colours and the colour wheel. If you don't have paint at home, you could always create your own colour wheel using pens or pencils. 

Tuesday - Invertebrates are animals that don't have a back bone. Have a look at the classification cards on the document below and then go on a bug hunt in your local woods if you can - somewhere like Jocks Lane, Lily Hill Park, South Hill Park or Swinley Forest would be ideal. You can use the table on the document to support your bug hunt or create your own! Don't worry about the maths questions (unless you really want to) because these are quite tricky.

Wednesday - Over the next few days you will be designing a zoo enclosure for an animal of your choice - it could be a lion, a brown bear, a hippopotamus, a giraffe : whatever you want! For today, I would like you to research your animal and find out what it needs. Create a table like the one below so that you know what you need to include when designing your enclosure tomorrow. 

Animal Indoor/outdoor Material for outdoor area Plants Water Barriers
Amur Tiger

Sleeping den inside


Large outdoor area with dens to hide


Logs to climb

Dens to hide

Shrubs for hiding


Trees for scratching poles

Small pond to bathe outside

Water to drink outside and inside

High level security - very dangerous animal

Thursday - Today you are going to draw and label your enclosure. Think about what you decided your animal needs and make sure this is included. Have you remembered to include natural things it can play/on in? Have you remembered to include food an water? Does it have somewhere to sleep? Does your animal need any indoor or outdoor space? Or both?

Friday - Today you are going to create the information poster that will go on the outside of your enclosure for the visitors to read. You may need to do a little bit more research about your animal. Below are some examples of what this could look like. You need to remember to include: a picture of your animal, where in the world it is from, its diet, its habitat, its name and age, and some other bits and pieces of interest.