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Week 14- commencing 13th July

Monday 13th July

Today, we are going to be revising expanded noun phrases. Expanded noun phrases are made up of two adjectives and a noun e.g. huge, swaying trees. Remember that there always needs to be a comma between both the adjectives. 

There are two activities for you to complete; for activity 1, you need to underline the expanded noun phrase in each sentence. For activity 2, you need to write a sentence with an expanded noun phrase in for each picture (make sure that you write a whole sentence and not just an expanded noun phrase). 

The answers for activity 1 are attached below for you to use to check your answers once you are done. 

Tuesday 14th July

For today's task, you will be researching and finding out information about someone who you would like to write a biography about. It is completely up to you who you would like to write your biography about- it could be someone famous or a a friend or family member. 

Once you have chosen who you would like to write a biography about, it is time for you to do some research about them. Attached below is a document containing a table for you to complete with your research. You can either print this table off and fill it in or you can copy and complete the table into your exercise book. The research that you complete today will be your plan when it comes to writing your biography later this week. 

Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th July

Over the next two days, you are going to write a biography for the person that you researched about for yesterday's task. Have a look back at the table you completed yesterday with all your research as this is going to be your plan for your writing. The full name of your chosen person (the first box in your plan) will be the title of your biography. Then, every other box in your plan is a paragraph (so by the time you have finished your biography tomorrow, there will be 6 paragraphs in total). As you are writing your biography over two days, you only need to write half today (Wednesday) and the other half tomorrow (Thursday). 

For last Friday's English task, you were asked to make a table of sentence starters and key vocabulary that were used in the two example biographies that you looked at last week (Roald Dahl and Usain Bolt). You can use these sentence starters and key vocabulary in your own biography. Attached below is also a bank of sentence starters that can be used in biographies as well, so feel free to use some of those in your writing too. 

Friday 17th July

Today, you are going to edit and improve your biography. You may remember that when you are at school, you use a green pen to make any corrections or improvements to your writing. If you have a green pen at home, you may want to use this for today's task, or you could use a different coloured pen/pencil instead. This way, you will be able to easily see all the hard work you have put into editing and improving your work!

Below are some things you can do to edit and improve your biography:

  • Does your writing make sense?- Firstly, we would like you to read through your work and check that your writing makes sense. Read your work aloud to yourself. Are there any sentences that don't make sense and need correcting? Are there any words missing from sentences that need adding in?
  • Punctuation- Now read through your work and check that every sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop. Remember that proper nouns (names of people and places) need to start with capital letters as well. Check that you have used a comma after fronted adverbials and in lists. As a challenge, can you make sure that you have used commas between clauses as well? Remember to add in any missing punctuation using a coloured pen/pencil. 
  • Spellings- Choose 10 words from your biography that you are not 100% confident that you have spelt correctly. Check them using a dictionary/online dictionary. Are there any other words that you need to check the spelling of?
  • Improving words- Lastly, we would like you to improve any boring words that you have used in your biography. Choose 7 words from your work that you would like to improve and find a more interesting word using a thesaurus/online thesaurus. Make sure that the words you choose, however, are appropriate for the context of your sentence. 

You have now edited and improved your biography! If you would like, you could now rewrite your work in neat, making sure to include all the corrections and improvements you have just made.