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Week 14- commencing 13th July

This week, all of the topic activities set will be based around getting you ready for your transition into Year 5. 

Monday 13th July

To start with, we would like to reflect on your year in Year 4. There is a document below called ''My Favourite Memories from This Year!'' You may wish to print out this sheet and fill it in, or if you prefer, you can choose a different way to layout and present this information in your exercise books. Hopefully, completing this activity will remind you how much fun we have had together this year, although it does seem like a very long time ago now that most of you were last in school!

Tuesday 14th July

For yesterday's task, we asked you to reflect on your year in Year 4. Today, you are going to look ahead to Year 5. Many of you may make New Year's resolutions at the beginning of each year with things that you want to improve on, get better at or start/ doing. For today's task we would like you to come up with three 'new school year' resolutions. These could be things that you want to get better at in Year 5 or things that you want to start/stop doing. Your resolutions may be linked to your learning, or they could be about another aspect of school life. You can present your three 'new school year' resolutions in whichever way you like- you might want to create a poster or maybe even a Powerpoint. To give you an idea of what your resolutions could be like, take a look at this example:

My New School Year Resolutions

1. To read more books (read every day for at least 20 minutes)

2. To start Young Voices club

3. To try playing with different people at break and lunch times so that I have a wider circle of friends

Wednesday 15th July

For today's task, we would like you to make an A-Z of Year 4. To do this, you need to write all the letters of the alphabet down the side of your exercise book (there is a template attached below that you could use if you want). Then, for each letter, you need to think of something to do with Year 4 that starts with that letter. For example, for the letter O, you may think of oracy. Write each word that you come up with next to the letter that it starts with. For some letters, you may think of more than one word but for some letters, it will be trickier to think of words. 

Thursday 16th July

School is a great place for catching up and socialising with friends at break and lunch times. In September, most of you will most probably be really looking forward to seeing your friends, especially if you haven't seen some for quite a few months! However, from time to time, we do have friendship problems- this is okay as it happens to all of us, but it's really important we know how to solve any friendship problems that we may have. 

To start with, read the scenario attached below. Then, take a look at the question cards below. There are 12 questions for you to think about related to the scenario. You can either write down your answers to each question, or if you would prefer, you could just discuss your answers with an adult at home. 

Friday 17th July

Carrying on from yesterday's task, today we would like you to complete the 'What makes a good friend?' worksheet below.