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Week 15 (week beginning 20th July)

Monday - Reading is everywhere. I would like you to spend a day jotting down anything you read throughout the day (from cereal packets to books to writing on t-shirts and shoes). You can set it out however you would like. I have included an example of my day - I actually carried around a piece of paper to add to throughout the day and I am sure I still missed a lot! I was astounded at how much I actually read througout the day and I wonder if you will be too. 

Tuesday - You now know who is going to be your teacher in year 4 and what your topics are going to be. Today I would like you to have a think and choose 3 things that you are most looking forward to about moving into year 4.

Wednesday  - If you haven't done so already, today is a good time to start thinking about the sheets you were given at your transition last week and begin filling them in so that you can really relax over the summer.