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Week 2 Beginning 30th March

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Your task this week is to design and build your own (model) Anderson Shelter.

The first German air attack took place in London on the evening of 7 September 1940. Within months, Liverpool, Birmingham, Coventry and other cities were hit too. Air raid shelters were built because people needed to protect themselves from the bombs being dropped by German aircraft.


First, look at 'Why shelters were needed' for some background information on Anderson Shelters (we have also attached a link to an advert that was used in 1940 that you may want to watch).  Then, look at 'Your task and examples' to find out what you need to do this week.


STOP PRESS: Western Approaches are steaming another live lesson on Wednesday 1st April at 1pm, looking at rations and cooking in war time.  Follow the link to access their You Tube channel - you can catch up with last week's lesson too if you missed it!