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Week 2 Beginning 30th March

On Monday, please complete the reading comprehension task about Mary Ellis, a World War II female fighter pilot. There is a one, two and three star activity - please select and complete the task you feel most comfortable with. The texts, questions and answers are all in the PDF document below.

On Tuesday and Thursday this week, you are to apply your knowledge of our class reader, 'Letters from the Lighthouse' in order to plan and write a letter from the perspective of Olive or Cliff Bradshaw to their mother about what evacuated life is like. In the resources below, you will find an example evacuation letter as well as a detailed explanation of the task. 

On Wednesday, work through the PowerPoint about using semi-colons between clauses and in lists before completing one of the semi-colon activity sheets, If you are feeling a bit unsure, complete the 'semi-colon activity sheet' and if you are feeling confident, complete the 'semi-colon challenge activity'. 

On Friday, please read the text 'Waste Warriors' in your CGP Year 6 Reading Targeted Question Book (pages 10 and 11) before completing the questions on page 12 and 13 and checking your work carefully against the answers on page 58.