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Week 3 Beginning 20th April

The Eatwell Guide | Food Standards Agency

This week, science!  

Food, glorious food! For this week's learning, we would like you to think about what we need in our diet to keep us active and healthy.  We've already looked at how the heart works, so now we are going to look at what fuels our body. Using the powerpoint below, read about how different food groups offer our body different benefits, but also how much of each food group is necessary.

Then, using the examples below for inspiration, we'd like you to keep a food diary throughout the whole week - one entry per day! This should only take about 10-15mins each day. Think really carefully about what you have eaten and which food group it comes from. Did you try anything new? Did you eat anything that is considered a 'world food'? You could even include recipes that you used throughout the week or draw a picture of what your meal looked like! 

You can print off a diary from below to fill in or create your own version - it is entirely up to you how you present this learning.