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Week 4 Beginning 27th April


On Monday, we are sticking with the theme of real life people. Please complete the reading comprehension task about Stormzy, a British rapper, singer and songwriter. There is a one, two and three star activity - please select and complete the task you feel most comfortable with. The texts, questions and answers are all in the PDF document below.

On Tuesday and Thursday this week, you are to step into the shoes of Anne Frank and write a diary entry as if you are her. Have a look at an extract from Anne’s real diary (there are 2 choices, choose the most suitable for you), think about how she has written her feelings and events from the day or moment. You have done this yourself last week when you wrote your own ‘Lockdown diary’. Watch the Youtube clip and try to take some notes, pause the video at different times to give yourself a chance to take relevant notes. Then use the guidance to write the different paragraphs, writing about the events in the video episode. Use the diary checklist from last week to help you remember the features needed for the diary. Above all, do your best. If you are more comfortable in writing two paragraphs than four, that’s fine; if you want to swap a reading activity for an extra writing session this week then that’s fine too. Don’t forget to message us if you would like more guidance or help.

On Wednesday, work through the Formal v Informal language mini test. You will have noticed that the language used in your diaries is more informal, mine and your language will certainly be much more informal than Anne Franks!

On Friday, please choose a text from your CGP Year 6 Targeted Reading book, complete the appropriate questions and check your answers carefully.

Extra Anne Frank Resources (optional)

Anne Frank House - Amsterdam

The official Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam has an amazing website. You can use this to find out more about Anne, her family and how their lives were whilst in hiding. The museum has published a set of video diaries, played by actors to show what life was like. These can be watched via Youtube, each episode is approximately 5-6 minutes long. Please be mindful that the episodes are filmed in Dutch and therefore there are English subtitles – you may need an adult or older sibling to help read them. There are also 2 workbooks that go with the video diaries and ask questions on each episode. If you have access to a printer, you may want to print and fold these workbooks and complete the questions. These are just extra ideas and an extra option this week – please do what you feel comfortable with.

Amazon Audible 

If you have access to Amazon Audible then they are offering Anne Frank’s diary for free at the moment. You need to have an account set up so please do not do this without gaining ‘bill payer’s permission’ as there can be a monthly subscription fee after the free trial. Please discuss this with your adult at home if this is something you’d be interested in, however it is not essential to be able to complete your set learning.