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Week 4- commencing 27th April

Each day this week, we would like you to write a diary entry about what you did the previous day (so on Monday, you will write a diary entry of what you did Sunday). Attached below is a document containing some example diary entries to help remind you how to set one out and what features they include. 

Remember to use the targets from the Year 4 target sheet when you are writing each day's diary entry. Below, we have made a list of some targets from the Year 4 target sheet (and some other targets too) which we think are especially important to try and use in your diary entries this week:

- Capital letters and full stops (including capital letters for names of people and places)

- Adjectives, noun phrases and expanded noun phrases

- Adverbs

- Paragraphs

- First person

- Past tense

- Chronological order (this means that you are writing about the things you did each day in the order that they happened). 

- Using a range of conjunctions

- Fronted adverbials

- Relative clauses

Try to avoid using speech in your writing as this is not really a feature of diary entries and it can start to make your writing start to sound like a story instead.