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Week 5 Beginning 4th May

Your reading activity for Monday this week is all about VE day. VE day will be celebrated this Friday 8th May and it is a national bank holiday. There is a 1,2 and 3 star activity for you to choose from and as usual, you have the answers to help you check. 

Our work on Tuesday and Thursday will be based on a video called Beyond the Lines which you will be able to view on youtube. The link is included in the lesson documents for those days.

On Tuesday, we are going to use expanded noun phrases and explore our senses to describe the setting in the opening scene.

On Wednesday, we are revising the use of colons, semi colons and dashes. Depending on how confident you feel, you can decide if you want to try the one, two or three star activity.

On Thursday, we are going to analyse a piece of descriptive writing to identify how the author has used different writing techniques to create atmosphere in their writing. If you are feeling inspired, you can then try to use these techniques in your own description, writing in the first person as the grandfather.