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Week 5- commencing 4th May

Monday 4th May

Today, please read the text called ''Choose a Bike'' and then answer the questions. The text and questions are in the same document. 

Tuesday 5th May

Please read the text about David Walliams, who is famous for the many children's books he has written and for being a Britain's got Talent judge, and then answer the questions. There are three levels of difficulty- 'mild', 'spicy' or 'hot'. You can choose which level you want to do. The text and answers are in the same document. On the last page of the document are the answers which either you or an adult can use once you are done to mark your answers. 

Wednesday 6th May

Attached below is a text called 'Thunderstorm Description'. Your task today is to identify the features which have been used in the description. 

The features you need to find in the description are:

- Expanded noun phrases

- Noun phrases/ adjectives

- Adverbs

- similes (this is when something is compared to something else, such as 'the trees were as tall as a skyscraper'. In this example, the height of the trees is being compared to the height of a skyscraper).

- personification (this is when an object is given a human characteristic, such as 'the trees waved in the wind'. Trees cannot wave- this is a human characteristic). 

- Interesting vocabulary

- Which of the 5 senses have been used in the description? (see, hear, feel, smell, taste)

- Are there any other features that you found? Are there any features that you think the writer could have used to make the description even better?

You can print the sheet off and underline in different colours the features you find in the text, like when we do a text analysis at school (e.g. underline all adverbs in red, all personification in green etc). If you cannot print the sheet off, that is fine. You can make a list of the features that you find in your exercise book instead. 

Remember, if there are any words in the text that you don't know the meaning of, look them up in a dictionary (or an online dictionary!).

Once you think you have found all the features, you can check your answers using the answer sheet below. 

Thursday 7th May

Today, you are going to write your own setting description using the features that you identified yesterday. Below is a document containing lots of pictures of different settings. Please choose one picture for you to write your description about. 

Remember that your description should include the following features:

- expanded noun phrases

- noun phrases/ adjectives

- adverbs

- similes 

- personification 

- interesting vocabulary

- Try to use all five senses in your paragraph (taste is a tricky sense to describe so don't worry about that sense if you can't think of anything). 

Some features you may want to use as a challenge:

- Relative clauses

- Interesting sentence starters (can you use some fronted adverbials or subordinating conjunctions in your writing?). 

- A wide range of different conjunctions. 

Remember to have a look back at the thunderstorm description that you looked at yesterday if you are unsure of how to write your paragraph.