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Week 5- commencing 4th May

Monday 4th May

Today's task is music! Please go to the BBC's Bring the Noise website by following this link

Click on 'Play it!'

Click on 'Make Some Noise'. 

Choose a song. 

Experiment with the different sound buttons to add sounds to the song. Can you add sounds that fit in with the rhythm and beat of the song? If you want, you could even learn the lyrics to the song that you chose and perform it to your adults at home!

Tuesday 5th May

This Friday (8th) is a bank holiday to celebrate VE day. VE day stands for Victory in Europe day, which is the day that World War II ended in Europe. This year is an important year as it is the 75th anniversary! Your topic activities for the rest of this week are going to be about VE day. 

For today's task, please watch a short video about VE day by following this link:

There is also a Powerpoint below which explains more about what VE day is and the events leading up to it. 

Once you have watched the video and gone through the Powerpoint, your task is to design a VE day medal for the soldiers who fought in World War II. Please have a look at the worksheet below, which shows an example medal that was given to soldiers after World War I. The worksheet also tells you what your success criteria are. 

Please remember to label your medal, explaining why you have chosen the pictures and colours that you have used. 

Wednesday 6th May

Bunting shortage could scupper royal wedding street parties ...

Carrying on with our work on VE day, today we would like you to design some bunting! Bunting is often hung up during celebrations, from birthday parties to national celebrations, such as royal weddings. 

There is a Union Jack bunting template below which you may wish to use, as well as a blank template. Similarly, you could draw a triangle onto a piece of paper or into your exercise book as the outline of your bunting and then decorate the inside. 

If you are celebrating VE day with your family on Friday, you may even want to hang your bunting up!

Thursday 7th May

When it was announced that Germany had surrendered and the war in Europe was over on 8th May 1945, people in Britain celebrated by having street parties. You family might even be taking part in a 'stay at home street party' tomorrow to celebrate the anniversary of VE day (see poster below). 

Your task today is to plan a street party that would have happened back in 1945. There is a document attached below to help you plan your street party. You may wish to print off the planning sheet and fill it in, or you could copy the subheadings from the sheet into your exercise book. 

Back in 1945, when the war ended, food was rationed. Rationing was when people were only allowed to buy a limited amount of food so that there was enough for everyone. Because you are planning a street party for back in 1945, you will have to imagine that you are on rations. Page 2 of the planning document shows you what a typical week's rations were for people in Britain so use this to help you plan what type of food you will have at your street party. 

Call for people to celebrate VE Day with a 'Stay at Home' street ...