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Week 6- commencing 11th May

This week, the English tasks will be oracy based. You may remember that you completed an oracy project at school just before the Easter holidays on marine pollution. To put it in simple terms, oracy is all about speaking and listening! There are many different purposes to oracy, from learning how to turn-take in conversations to learning how to present information to groups of people. For this week, however, you are going to be using your oracy skills to debate! 


Monday 11th May

This week's learning is going to be focused around the question 'Should zoos be banned?' and this is eventually what you are going to debate about at the end of the week. 

Your task today is to sort the statements attached below into the following table, thinking about whether each statement is for or against zoos being banned. Neutral means that it is neither for nor against. 

Please copy the table into your exercise book and then copy the statements into the column you believe they go in. 

For zoos being banned Neutral Against zoos being banned

There is no right or wrong answers to where you put the statements. It may find it helps to discuss the statements with someone at home as well, and decide together where the statements should be placed in the table. 

Tuesday 12th May

For yesterday's task, you looked at a number of different statements both for and against the banning of zoos.

Please choose whether you are for zoos being banned or against zoos being banned. You will need to write a paragraph arguing for the side that you have taken. When you are writing your arguments, feel free to have a look back at the table you created yesterday and use some of those statements in your paragraph. Can you use examples in your paragraph as well to make your argument stronger?

Below is an example argument for you to have a look at to give you an idea of how to write yours. 

Wednesday 13th May

Today, we would like you to write a paragraph arguing for the opposite side that you wrote about yesterday (so if yesterday you argued for zoos being banned, today you will argue against zoos being banned). You might find that this paragraph is harder to write than yesterday's one because it may not be what you believe in- have a go anyway and see how you get on! Remember that you can use the statements from Monday's task in your paragraph. 

Thursday 14th May

Today, we would like you to have a debate with one or more members from your household over whether zoos should be banned or not. You can use the paragraphs that you have written over the past two days as well as the statements from Monday's task to help argue your case. 

Attached below are some sentence stems to help you start your points off when having your debate. We have used these sentence stems before in oracy and we know that you are very good at using them!

Friday 15th May

Below is a document called 'Oracy Home Learning Activities'. Please choose one or more activities from the document to have a go at with someone in your household.