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Week 08 (week beginning 1st June)

Monday -

Today we have another art session from the lovely Emily. This lesson introduces us to some different artists and then encourages you to have a go at creating your own piece inspired by their techniques - have a go! 

Tuesday -

Time for some music! Watch this video to learn how drums work and how to make your own - I wonder if you have anything around the house (pots, pans, tin cans?) to make your own drum set just like they do on the video. 

Wednesday- We have previously asked you to get creative and build Stone Henge at home. Today we are going to ask you to complete a similar task but this time based on a pyramid from the Maya civilisation. Use any materials you have at home to have a go at creating something that looks like this:

Chichen Itza - Wikipedia

Thursday - Today you are going to become detectives. All you will need is: a pencil, a pencil sharpener, clear cellotape and paper to take finger prints just like somebody investigating a crime! Collect the finger prints of everybody in your household (including yourself) and compare them - what do you notice?

Follow this link to learn how:

Friday - Yesterday you learnt how to take fingerprints like a detective. Today you are going to learn a skill which could help you be a super secret spy. Follow the link below to learn how to make your very own invisible ink: