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Week 8 Beginning 1st June

On Monday this week, we are recapping our circulatory system learning that we did a few months ago. You all did such an amazing job in writing your reports! This reading activity will reinforce that learning which will be good preparation for your science lessons in your new secondary schools. Make sure you choose the most appropriate activity for you.

On Tuesday choose a reading activity from your CGP book and checking your understanding with the answers.

On Wednesday, we are going to think about the world of spies and how to write persuasively in an advert.

Following on from Wednesday, we will look at an advert to identify vocabulary we could use in our own advert and to think of other synonyms. We will also recap how to use quotes in our writing.

On Friday, we are going to design our own state-of-the-art gadget and then write an advert to persuade people to buy it.