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Week 8- commencing 1st June

Monday 1st June

For the first few days of this week, your task is going to involve you designing and making a waterproof container which can be used to protect precious items during a flood. 

To start with, today's task is for you to investigate and evaluate different containers around your house. These may be rucksacks, bags, pencil cases, lunch boxes- anything that you would put things into! 

Choose at least five different containers that you can find around your house and complete the following table into your exercise book. There is an example container in the table to help give you an idea of how to fill it out yourself. 

Type of container Size What can be put into it? Material it is made out of Is the material waterproof?
Pencil case Small Small items of stationary, such as pencils, pens, rulers, rubbers etc.  Plastic Yes

Tuesday 2nd June

Today, you are going to plan and design your waterproof container and then tomorrow (Wednesday), you are going to make it!

Below is a planning sheet for you to use to design your waterproof container. You can either print off the sheet and fill it in or copy and complete the sections of the plan into your exercise book. Think carefully about which materials you are going to use when making your container- look back at the table that you made for yesterday's task and see which materials were waterproof or not. Be inventive with how you are going to make your container waterproof. For example, you may use a cardboard box (which isn't really a waterproof material) and cover it in plastic bags to make it waterproof. 

Also think about what type of container you are going to make. Will it be like a pencil case, a lunch box?

Make sure that you label your drawing of your waterproof container. You need to also think carefully about which tools and materials you are going to use to make your container (for example, scissors are a tool and cardboard boxes are a material). It is completely up to you which tools and materials you use. You can use whichever tools and materials that you have around your house. Please make sure that you ask an adults permission before using something though!

Wednesday 3rd June

Today, you are going to have a go at making the waterproof container that you designed yesterday. Remember, you can use any tools and materials that you have in your home to make your container but please get an adult's permission before using them!

There are two success criteria that your waterproof container must fulfil:

  • It must be able to hold three pencils without breaking/ the pencils falling out of the container. 
  • It needs to be waterproof if left outside in the rain. 

Once you have made your model, test it by putting three pencils inside of it. Do the pencils stay inside the container without them falling out or the container breaking? Next, try pouring a small amount of water over your container (like it is raining). Do your pencils inside the container stay dry? If so, that means that you have successfully made a waterproof container!

Thursday 4th June

Today's task is a fun art activity that you can do with other members of your household! Please watch the following video:

Once you have watched the video, have a go at playing the exquisite corpse game with other people in your household. How creative can you be with the part body part that you are drawing?

Friday 5th June

As part of our science topic on sound back in the spring term, we learnt lots about musical instruments and how to change the volume and pitch of the sounds that they make. For today's task, we would like you to make your own musical instrument out of any materials that you have around your house. You may like to make some drums, a guitar, some wind pipes- it is completely up to you!

If you want some inspiration about what instrument you can make, have a look at this video It is a fairly long video, but it has loads and loads of ideas for instruments that you can make out of everyday materials around your house.