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Week 9- commencing 8th June

Monday 8th June

When you read a piece of descriptive writing, do you ever get a picture in your head of what the writer is describing? Attached below is a document containing some descriptions of different settings. Please choose one of the descriptions in the document and draw a picture of the setting that is being described. 

Tuesday 9th June

The Aztecs were a civilisation that lived in South America from 1300 to 1521. Animals such as crocodiles, lizards, snakes, deer, rabbits, monkeys, jaguars and eagles featured a lot in Aztec art. Have a look at the document below which shows some different examples of animals used within Aztec art. What do you notice about the patterns being used? 

Your task is to have a go at drawing an animal in the style of Aztec art. You may want to copy one of the animals from the document or you may wish to choose your own animal to draw. Remember to use lots of interesting shapes, lines and patterns within your chosen animal. 

Wednesday 10th June

Yesterday, you had a go at drawing a picture of an animal in the style of Aztec art. Today's task is also an art activity, but this time linked to the Romans. The Romans were well-known for the mosaics that they used to decorate the floors of buildings and their houses. Have a look at the Powerpoint attached below all about Roman mosaics. 

Your task today is to create a piece of Roman mosaic art. Attached below are some mosaic sheets that you can print out to create your drawing on. If you don't have a printer, you can always use a ruler to split your piece of paper up into small squares. It is completely up to you what you draw a picture of and feel free to use felt tip pens, colouring pencils, crayons etc to create your masterpiece!

Take a look at the example mosaics attached below to help give you an idea of how to create your own. 

Thursday 11th June

On Monday, it was World Oceans Day and the theme this year was preventing plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean. We learnt lots about plastic pollution in our oceans and solutions to prevent it just before school closed back in March. To help remind you about this very important subject, please look at the Powerpoint attached below. 

Once you have looked at the Powerpoint, take a look at the document below which contains examples of artwork raising awareness of the issue of plastic pollution. Whilst looking at the pictures, discuss with someone in your house the following questions:

- How do the pictures make you feel?

- What message is each of the pictures trying to portray?

- What did the artist use to make this picture? Why did they choose to make their artwork out of this media? 

Then, have a go at creating your own piece of artwork around the theme of plastic pollution in the oceans. You can use whatever media you like to create your artwork, such as paint, colouring pencils/pens, crayons, chalk. You may even want to create a 3D piece of artwork out of plastic around your house. Be as creative as you want!

Friday 12th June

Performance poetry is when a poem is performed out loud to an audience. Michael Rosen, who is a famous children's poet, has written a lot of poems and performed them. Take a look at some of his performance poetry by clicking on the following links:

What do you notice about each of the pieces of performance poetry? Do they all rhyme? Why does Michael Rosen use sounds and actions in his performance?

Your task is to have a go at writing your own poem and then performing it to someone in your household. Your poem can be about anything you want. It may or not rhyme- it's up to you! Can you include actions and sounds to your poem when you perform it to make it engaging to your audience? 

Did you know that rap can be a type of performance poetry? If you would like, you could perform your poem as a rap.