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Week beginning 20th July

Your Network: This week will explore ways in which you can kep in touch with friends, communicate with people at home and at school and explore social media. We are aware that this week is a short week but have included activities for each day - you may want to do a couple each day.  We would encourage you to ask your adult to do these activities with you.

Monday - You might be attending a secondary school that none of your friends/peers are attending. Even if they are, they might not be in the same classes or on the same timetable as you. Therefore, you will need to make some new friends. Make a top tips poster on the best way to make new friends. Watch this short video to help gather some ideas on the best way to make friends or speak to family members about how they made friends when they went to secondary school (this could be parents, older siblings, aunties/uncles etc).


Tuesday - In September, you will be facing lots of changes and will need to be reassured that you have people at home that are there to support you. Have a discussion about who you could turn to for help or advice in your household or family. Afterwards, create a diagram or pyramid of family and friends you would turn to. Think about specific things you would go to particular people for. 


Wednesday - At you new secondary school, you will have different members of staff for each lesson. It is important that you begin to recognise these teachers as safe adults and considers who you will go to with problems and worries. Research your new school website and find out which teachers are in different departments. Consider which teacher you may go to if you have forgotten homework, if you have concerns over a friendship group and if you are finding a piece of work difficult. 


Thursday - Consider what online platforms you use; this could be games, social media or websites. How do you know it’s safe? What do you do online to keep yourself safe? Discuss how social media and technology will come into your life more as you grow up and how it is really important to use them wisely and what impact this may have at school and in the future. Create a set of guidelines to make sure that you are safe online. 


Friday - You may be leaving some of your friends from primary school and this may add to your worries about the transition. Have a conversation with your adult about which of your friends are going to the same secondary school and which friends are going to different schools. How could you keep in contact with them? For example: meeting outside of school in a safe place, using an online classroom that has been set up by your school or over the phone.


Additional Learning Resources Parents/Carers May Wish To Engage With:

  • Here are more videos linked to making friends at secondary school that might be useful to your child - video 1 and video 2.
  • Parent survival guide - this is a short video that discusses some of the concerns parents might have and tips on how to overcome them.
  • This video has some tips for making friends at secondary school.
  • This video offers advice on how to best prepare your child practically and emotionally for the start of secondary school.
  • This website has some videos of worries your children may have and explains how other children have overcome them.